Shagya Arabian


Today, virtually every Shagya breeding line has his blood somewhere in it.The characteristics of the Shagya are well established, and details of the desired color, conformation, gait and movement, jumping and rideability, temperament, and health are detailed in Breeding and Registration Goals.

Both mares and stallions were put through rigorous tests, including dressage, a 10-day 480 mile ride across plains, forests and mountains, 2-mile sprints, and long distance driving. The Shagya Arabian was developed as a cavalry horse for the famous Hungarian light cavalry. Many Tevis completers and several FEI riders ride Shagyas. Shagya-Arabian gelding available.

Easy to catch. The Shagya Arab is a horse breed available in Star Stable: The Autumn Rider. It was bred by a particular tribe of the Bedouins by the name of Bani Saher, who sold it to the Habsburg monarchy agents. Although not in the strictest sense an Arabian because some of the early foundation sires were not of Arabian stock, the Shagya carries many of the typical characteristics of the Seglawi Arabian type.

Up until that time, I had been a staunch supporter for the Purebred Arabian for endurance. Today’s Shagya, also called a Shagya-Arabian because of the heavy influence of Arabians on the breed, is a rare, but versatile sport horse equally at home at dressage, eventing, show jumping, hunting, endurance riding, harness, or pleasure riding.The breed was started in 1789 when the Hungarian military set out to develop a new breed of horse that combined the very best of Bedouin Arabians: elegance, endurance, hardiness, athleticism, temperament, and devotion to their rider, but with larger size, jumping ability, and riding ease to master the rigors and versatility of a cavalry horse.

A compact back and loins are “virtually perfect,” with forelegs being clear of the body providing for good action.
All rights reserved.A restless soul and a wild heart are all you need to begin an adventure. Agents of the Habsburg monarchy (who ruled the Austro-Hungarian Empire) purchased Shagya and brought him to Babolna Stud in 1836.

The horse is generally taller than most Arabian breeds, standing around 15 hands high. The Shagya Arabian is a horse breed which was developed in the Austro-Hungarian Empire during the 19th century at the Bábolna, Mezőhegyes, Radautz, Piber, and Topolcianky studs.

He preferred to trot, and when I got off thinking it would be nice to tail, he cantered! A purebred Shagya Arabian today has bloodlines that can be traced in all lines to the stud books of Rădăuți, Babolna, and Topolcianky. Although the outline of the horse is that of a high-class Arabian, the body is large and more substantial.In 1816, an army order was issued stating that all Babolna mares should be covered with Oriental stallions leading the stud to import pure desert Arabians and, later on, Arabian “halfbreeds.” 1836 brought the sire to the modern line of Shagya Arabians. He was not fazed by the difficulty of the trail and easily pulsed down and passed all the vet checks throughout the ride. Shagya are very versatile he could do anything! This horse was bred with Arabian mares containing strains of Spanish, Hungarian, and Thoroughbred blood. He is friendly, stands quietly, and can carry my 6’4’’ husband! So successful was the breeding program that the Hapsburg’s Imperial Guard in Vienna and the Royal Guard in Budapest were mounted on Shagyas, and Shagyas were the cavalry officer’s horse of choice.The breed’s name comes from a magnificent Bedouin stallion named Shagya, born in 1830, bred (from Kehilan and Slglavy strains) and raised by the Bani Saher tribe in Syria and obtained by Hapsburg monarchy in 1836 at age 6 to stand at stud in Babolna. I also started looking through the endurance record books and noted the success of the breed among top riders. The bre… They were once used as calvary mounts but today their extraordinary jumping … The difference I saw was in pure power (not to mention the calm, friendly, personality). Shagya-Arabian Stallion Standing at Stud *Hadban USA, known as Reno around the barn, born in 2003, is a 15.2 hand bay Shagya-Arabian stallion, approved…

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