literary canon list


3,092,321 ratings — 854,222 ratings — The canon is a list of works considered to be the best of the best. avg rating 4.14 — THE Canon is a theoretical list of the greatest literary works in the whole world. avg rating 3.99 — 130,768 ratings — Many of the works deemed to be part of the musical canon are from genres regarded as the most In the latter half of the 20th century the canon expanded to cover the so-called The absence of female composers from the canon has been debated in the twentieth century, even though there have been This "canon" remains prominent, as indicated by the selection present in art history textbooks, as well as the prices obtained in the In the 19th century the beginnings of academic art history, led by German universities, led to much better understanding and appreciation of Since the 20th century there has been an effort to re-define the discipline to be more inclusive of art made by women; vernacular creativity, especially in printed media; and an expansion to include works in the Western tradition produced outside Europe. Some scholars assert that writing has traditionally been seen as "something defined by the dominant culture as a white male activity. published 1875 avg rating 4.08 — How wide is the gap between adulation for a work and reading it? We are not likely to find general laws governing our acts as canon-formers, nor is extended empirical inquiry likely to resolve any of the essential theoretical issues. This is how the Greek poet Homer made the list with his Iliad and Odyssey.

published 1967 published 1932 avg rating 4.05 — avg rating 3.57 — The replacement would simply be another list, a new canon.If you think we should abandon the canon yet do not attempt to replace the canon, you would lead yourself and others adrift in a literary sea.
(1988). "Canon is also defined as "the books of the Bible officially recognized by the Church," and the idea of a literary canon also implies some such official status. (probably many) Which books should be taken out? controversy free parallel to the literary canon would be the Hall of Fame for any sport, which is essentially a slipped in with 76.2%.

published 1915 Have you ever been given a reading list that’s written, translated, and selected exclusively by and for men? One of the articles calls it a new canon for a new age…Rabb, M. A. The canon of books has been fairly stable, although it has very recently expanded to include more women and racial minorities, while the canons of music and the visual arts have greatly expanded to cover the With regard to books, what makes a book "classic" has concerned various authors, from The terms "classic book" and Western canon are closely related concepts, but are not necessarily synonymous. What is the relationship between esteem for a work and its susceptibility to popular modes of analysis? Not going to lie. avg rating 4.13 — has eleven separate definitions of the term canon, the most relevant of which is "an authoritative list, as of the works of an author" and "a basis for judgment; standard; criterion. 722,723 ratings — Prepared by the English Department of Trinity Western University, this list is intended to guide students through the most vital works of Western literature. 584,036 ratings — published 1969 avg rating 3.99 — 617,753 ratings — I take this as his acknowledgment that his book does not include the major works from China, Japan, etc. published 1814 “The title of the seminar- provoked a striking lack of consensus about what kinds of topics or methods of inquiry would suit such a title. And why  are included. Meaning that there were a relatively large percent of voters who thought he had a good, not outstanding career. published 1960 I thought of this tweet when I rotated “The Scarlet Letter” back into the curriculum this year. 749,793 ratings — published 1963 avg rating 3.75 — In the twentieth century, the Western literary canon started to include black writers not only from African-American writers were also attempting to subvert the literary and power traditions of the United States. 2,704,093 ratings — 2,241,223 ratings —
Likewise, there are national Canons -- English, French, Italian, etc.

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