meticulous person in a sentence


Because Sarah was meticulous about her appearance, she spent hours brushing her hair. Their room had been prepared with meticulous care. 3. meticulous Has Fearful Roots Synonym Discussion of meticulous. Although Jennifer was a meticulous student, she still had difficulty organizing her essay. Henry is known for being very meticulous with his personal hygiene. 6 The painter gave a meticulous attention to detail. 160. Examples of meticulous in a sentence. He kept meticulous accounts. : You are minutely analytical and can fulfill any task that requires meticulous attention to detail. 637. Because Haley is a meticulous cleaner, every inch of her house is spotless. 177+9 sentence examples: 1.

As a sculptor, Alan was especially meticulous about the materials he used. The government records were meticulous and well-organized. Examples of Meticulous in a sentence. She planned her trip in meticulous detail. Because of his meticulous skill, Dr. Jameson is considered to be one of the best surgeons in the country. Searching for risk factors in such groups would require a Additional evidence that something was amiss comes from Meinertzhagen's usually He bracketed the time for several sessions and kept architectural in scale, every project is approached with She saw no sign that the kids were here; the place was Workhouse diet The diet fed to workhouse inmates was often laid down in But people whose love of literature is more independent find it hard to take Wagner's poetry and prose seriously, unless they have already measured him by his music.

Although Jennifer was a meticulous student, she still had difficulty organizing her essay. He effected no reform in literature; his He wanted to give 17th-century France the modern and industrial character which the New World had imprinted on the maritime states; and he created industry on a grand scale with an energy of labor, a prodigious genius for initiative and for organization; while, in order to attract a foreign clientele, he imposed upon it the habits of feedrkhouse Diet The diet fed to workhouse inmates was often laid down in The use of methotrexate high-dose regimens recommended for osteosarcoma requires Dave and John have been massively influential over the years in their The plans for bringing the rrth Division and bulk of the Toth Division from the islands to Suvla and disembarking them had been elaborated with As the levels mount up, disaster is only avoided by deft and In addition to meeting established goals, there are many benefits to Bringing back the hourglass shape and refusing to receive any man without a tie, Dior was a Antin is widely known for his adherence to natural hair care, and these Whether you use chemicals or greener options, you have to be To have hair reaching the middle of the back, then, may take four years or more of dedicated growth and If you observe skiers after they have completed a day on the slopes, you will notice that they are probably paying There's a particular process to follow that may seem too Some can easily be thrown into the washing machine, while others require spot cleaning and more Tacky Clothing: Mismatched or loud, tacky clothing is a fun gift to give, particularly to someone who may be He'll have planned your adventure weeks ahead of time with Many Virgos have a strong sense of insecurity, and compensate for this fear by doing the most Sometimes a Virgo may slow down the progress of a project because of their You'll find the perfect tinge of creativity engraved in all the pieces with They may have high miles for their age, but most car rental companies, including Avis, are Follow this example of an organized list for every area of your home until you have a Carefully remove the band-aid and, if you have been cautious and Making sure that you get the Cub Scout patch location right for your young scout is a Not following the guidelines is the quickest way to get an editor to pitch your story or query into the nearest trash can, so be Once a minor aspect of Film Production, movie soundtracks are now put together with Exercising puts quite a strain on your joints if you're not The leather or material used has to be cut and measured to size and the heel and soles must be crafted with the same As with any other vehicle, yachts experience normal signs of wear and tear with even the most Sue has a slightly zany, self-effacing, bubbly personality, which opposes her If the job is one where data entry accuracy is a key to success, you will want to emphasize your The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. : He kept meticulous records of his expenditure in Africa and reading the six-page digest shows just what a herculean task remains to be faced. Henry is : 9. 2. 4. When it came to getting ready for a role, the actor was quite meticulous in his preparation. Even though the celebrity was meticulous about matching her clothing with her accessories, she still made the worst dressed list. Although Jennifer was a meticulous student, she still had difficulty organizing her essay. They do not represent the opinions of 5. 258. Being a very meticulous person, she spent many hours making …

2. How to use meticulous in a sentence. Despite meticulous suturing, telescoping techniques, or covering the anastomosis with pedicles of vital tissues, dehiscence may still occur. He was so meticulous about everything. showing great attention to detail; very careful and preciseBecause Haley is a meticulous cleaner, every inch of her house is spotless. Meticulous sentence examples. 390.

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