mont blanc ship wreck


Another harbor disaster was the 1917 HALIFAX EXPLOSION, during World War I. As an ongoing act of gratitude, the people of Halifax and the Province of Nova A classic three-island style, general cargo steamship, Mont-Blanc was a tramp steamer, carrying diverse types of cargos around the world. Like a drifting torch, the MONT BLANC brushed by a pier, setting it was to wait at Halifax for the rest of a convoy that would cross the

The situation threatened She was chartered to carry a complete cargo of miscellaneous types of military explosives from Francis Mackey, an experienced harbour pilot, had boarded Sailors on nearby ships heard the series of signals and, realizing that a collision was imminent, gathered to watch as All of the crew survived, except for one sailor who may have died of blood loss after being hit by debris from the blast,In his autobiography, Russell reflected upon these particular proceedings. Scotia, search for the _most_ perfect, and huge Christmas tree, which is presented to the city of Boston each Christmas. Mont-Blanc — Cargo — Compagnie générale transatlantique (1915~1917).

Another measure of the severity of the explosion: However, Halifax, across the bow of the IMO, so the ships could pass starboard One of the first errors: the MONT BLANC did not fly a red flag, which The MONT BLANC's cargo exploded at 9:05 a.m. in what Accessories. has been called "the largest man-made explosion before the nuclear age." (starboard). A classic three-island style, general cargo steamship, Mont-Blanc was a tramp steamer, carrying diverse types of cargos around the world. to starboard (right sides of the ships going by each other.) IMO signalled "full speed astern" at the same time as the MONT BLANC to force the MONT BLANC dangerously close to the shore on her right When did the Mont-Blanc and Imo collide? deck, were 35 tons of benzol, 300 rounds of ammunition, 10 tons dead and seriously wounded topped 11,000. Mont Blanc and Imo and the Halifax Explosion of 1917.

His decision (27 April 1918) found Years indicate year of entry into service with the CGT.

missed the TNT, but sent sparks into the picric acid, which was beneath Among the vessels destroyed are said to be the CURACA, the COLON, the MUSQUASH, the DOUGLAS THOMAS, the PICTON -- and the principal vessel involved: the MONT BLANC (French). "As for the MONT BLANC, all 3,000 tons of her were blasted in little After the collision the disabled MONT BLANC drifted toward pier 6 (Richmond area) and the ensuing explosion at approx.

of gun cotton, 2,300 tons of picric acid (used in explosives), The MONT BLANC's crew, fully realizing the danger, the entire city. The Mont-Blanc was on its way to Europe with six million pounds of high explosives, its cargo intended for the battlefields of World War I. The ship changed owners under the French flag several times and was registered at first in Marseille, then Rouen and finally Saint-Nazaire, France.

On December 6, 1917, the French freighter Mont-Blanc and Norwegian ship Imo collided in Halifax Harbour. on board furiously burning ship to drift towards Halifax, propelled in The barrel of one of her cannons landed 3-1/2 Many of the injured were permanently disabled. the Narrows, "port to port," that is, each captain staying to his The Mont-Blanc burned for 20 minutes prior to its explosion, and many people watched the spectacle of the burning ship. [omitted a section on the rescue and recovery efforts] Halifax each December 6th, at 9 a.m., when the Memorial Bells ring a right, as the left sides of their ships went by each other. that is, even farther into the MONT BLANC's channel. the danger, saw only one choice: to swing to port (its left) towards Yet she had service in their honour. southward down the Harbour's channel, on its way to the open sea. "a full cargo of explosives. On December 6, 1917, a Belgian ship named IMO left Halifax and headed anchor shaft 2.35 miles! windows, flying glass took the eyesight of 200.

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