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Yes, lets hope that it delivers. Well! June 16, 2019 . well writing a five liner comment and a whole review two totally different things. Everyone is saying that it was too dark but somehow I thought it was okay! Yeh Hai Meri Kahani Drama Episode 46 by Express Ent. Infact, it appears that she was much older than the kid she was married off too. I am waiting to see more of her. I thought Farah Shah was absolutely brilliant in this first episode and this first episode left a lot of questions unanswered; most important being that how Wali Bakht ended up getting married to Mahjabeen because I read about the tradition of Vanni and in all the articles it said that young girls are traded off to settle disputes and that too when the family cannot afford to pay the victim’s family.good one…as i always like waidara,s stories..where always women is a victim no matter how educated she is…bt here d new thing is wali also diturb n unhappy cox ov his system…till now drama is just so so may be it will take turn…drama na b acha hta tu m ny tu dkhna e tha fawad jo h :D…as i hate sania saeed a lot jis dramy mai a jaye mai wo drama ni dkhti hala k kamal ki actress h…kanza tu boht irritating h na looks hain na acting skills…bt fawad n ost forced me to see numm…let,s see furtherHi Parsa, i am sure there are many viewers who will be following Numm because of Fawad Khan:) Yes, lets hope it turns out to be a play that keeps us engaged.Despite familiar theme, I feel this drama will keep us engaged.I thought I was the only one allergic to Sania Saeed. He also runs a production house.Ahson Taalish is son of veteran filmstar late Agha Taalish, who played many supporting roles in films for decades. especially the last point u mentioned made me think too that association of geo n fawad never gave us anything worth watching as compared to Humsafar, zindagi gulzar hai, kuch pyar ka pagalpan … Hopeful about numm but still the first episode was not upto our expectations or as u mentioned above ” When Fawad name comes in the cast, we generally expect a very high quality production, but it is perhaps not the best.” !! Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. It was the kind of first episode that keeps you looking forward to more so that should be good enough. Ahson Taalish started his career from acting, as far I remember I seen him first in drama Karb in 1996, the debut (and so far only) directed drama by Samina Peerzada, Ahoan was paired with Amnah Butt (sister of samina) in Karb.

I really liked Farah Shah’s acting though besides Fawad Khan.Great review Fatima Awan for not so great of an drama ke colours boht light hai aur graphics bhi ache nai haiSaba, thank you so much for following the reviews, I really appreciate it and thanks a ton for sharing your thoughts here.

I cringed in a few scenes because of her bad dialogue delivery but I agree she is really pretty and cute.Fawad Zindabad otherwise Dramay k pallay kuch bhi nahi hai…The latest trend nowadays seems to be that the real story behind the lives of different characters is unveiled slowly as opposed to introducing the viewers to the characters in a very clear-cut manner right in the first episode. The only difference between Numm and the other feudal based stories we have seen till now is that the male protagonist is not very happy about the system he is being forced to follow. Like you said, it is too early to say anything but one thing is for sure that like all of Fawad Khan’s previous characters he will be the man two women will be fighting over or dying to be with! Tv – 26 August 2013. Enjoy Numm Drama Episode 2 by Geo Tv Drama Serial and Join us on Facebook. Tv – 26 August 2013 Online. A few more episodes like this one and maybe I will have a reason to change my mind about Numm but the next episode’s preview showed more cat fights so it would probably be back to Neelam and Mahjabeen’s fights and who Wali supports *yawn* ! many people think that this was a slow episode but I thought it was okay. :)This review is lacking two important aspects that were needed to be discussed sincerely.The reviewer noticed the body-language of FAWAD KHAN very well, but she totally ignored to discuss the body language of SANIA SAEED.

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