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interesting coloring I'm guessing amber champagne probably homozygous b/c there isnt much mottling and the coat is lighter.Akhal-Teke. Sire of the 2006 FQHR Nat'l Champion Weanling Filly! First…Show Me The Magic, is a fancy Quarter Pony stallion we are standing at stud. On Farm A.I. Horses that have the cream gene in addition to a base coat color that is chestnut will become palomino if they are heterozygous, having one copy of the cream gene, or cremello, if they are homozygous. The coat is pearl like and can be see in the dark!Explore Olgait's photos on Flickr. She has a great disposition both sire and dam…“Driftin’ War Orphan” aka shawty is a 3 year old perlino filly standing at 15 hands tall.

Discover Perlino Stallions at Stud for sale on America's biggest equine marketplace.

Perlino horses have cream coats with pink skin and blue or glass eyes, and are sometimes called pseudo-albino or cream horses. His sire by Fire Water Flit, his first dam by Rare Bar, and 2nd dam by Oklahoma Fuel! For the Polish village, see Bowling A.T. (1996) Horse Genetics. Adalsteinsson also noted that in heterozygotes, only the red pigment (The discovery that the palomino coat color was inextricably linked to the cream coat color was very significant. While both red and black pigments are turned cream, the black pigment retains a little more color and tends to have a reddish or rusty tint.Horses with two copies of the cream allele can be collectively called double-dilutes, homozygous creams, or blue-eyed creams, and they share a number of characteristics. "Magic" is a sweet stallion, who will stand his first year at stud in 2018. Let us promote your stallion or sell your horse from our Cyberbarn. SON of the Great Marthas Six Moons - Leading Barrel Horse sire.

Imported AnnceFeliz du Carel Double Creme Perlino With Chestnut Imported Annce Grandson of Fire Water Flit & Rare Bar, Guaranteed Colored Foals GSA - Imported ANCCE Revised Double Cream With Red PRE StallionTiberius GSA Imported ANCCE Revised Double Cream With Red PRE Stud Me The Magic - Perlino Quarter Pony Stallion At Stud Me The Magic - Perlino Quarter Pony Stallion At Stud, 100% ColorShow Me The Magic Perlino Quarter Pony Stud , 100% Color Snowy River - Registered. Pearl is ready to start training she'll make a great all around family horse and bred to do most anything!

In addition he has a beautiful head, well defined limbs, a well proportioned length of body and neck along with the metallic golden sheen to his coat for which the breed are also renown. 25±8. Perlino AQHA/APHA Perlino (Double Dilute - EEAACRCR) Grandson of .

First Collection…"Magic" is a registered IQPA stallion, sweet, athletic, and standing his first year at stud in 2018.

1st Collection FREE. Beautiful perlino.

On Farm A.I. Was gelded in May...stallion behaviors are gone…AQHA, NSBA, ABRA buckskin bred and FQHA registrations come with this boy, Color tested: E/e, A/A, Cr/Cr, nd1/nd2, N/W20

EquineNow listing of perlino quarter horse for sale. Excellent confirmation and in your pocket disposition. Sweet, Pretty Perlino Ready to Start TrainingEstate Sale All Must Go Sweet, Pretty Perlino Ready to Start Training Running Gun - Performance / Stud Prospect, AQHA Perlino, Foundation / CuttingPerformance / Stud Prospect, AQHA Perlino, Foundation / Cutting Grandson of Fire Water Flit & Rare Bar, Guaranteed Colored Foals Pearl - AQHA Perlino Mare in Foal to Blue Roan for 2021 Sun - All Around / Dressage / Jumping 12 Year Old Canadian The discovery of the cream gene had a significant effect on breeding, allowing Cream coat colors are described by their relationship to the three "base" coat colors: All three shades can be difficult to distinguish from one another, and are often only firmly identified after a DNA test. Additional Comments. Some of the terms used to describe these combinations include:

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