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I thank God every day I was blessed with these instructions and now it’s my duty to pay it forward and share it with Everyone, Here is what I do. His ‘smart, city words’.Well, he’s pretty fucking stupid. Discounting or ignoring in the sense of “pretend that knee-jerk reaction doesn’t exist and that I’m just seeing Objective Reality perfectly accurately at all times,” no.It’s an oxymoron based on a heap of false assumptions. Completely fabricating history to make the people who built the greatest civilization in history seem like the bad guys for doing the same thing everybody else always did… And they’re still bad, even though they ended slavery world wide.

The primary problem with our current system is it faces no competition. It is what is P C nowadays and the truthfulness of is not important.Objectivity is inherently racist, apparently.

In America, pupils are forced to attend at the point of a gun but are not protected with equivalent force. And that in a perverse way makes you a very unique person.

That’s shitty and all, but everybody has done it.No. Bottom line, approximately 2.5 million American children are being home-schooled.A free enterprise education system eliminates the ability to trample one civil right by supporting an opposing civil right. Never happened in Asia the middle east , Europe or Africa before 1619.Their goal is to equate capitalism with slavery, when capitalism is what made slavery unprofitable. While The New York Times Company does not “sell” personal information of its readers as the term “sell” is traditionally understood, “sell” under the CCPA is broadly defined. How is that newsworthy? But they found just as much racist attitudes trying to buy houses in white neighborhoods, dealing with bankers, etc — unless they were famous enough to be recognized.There is more racism in northern Europe than anyone wants to admit.This piece didn’t mention that. It existed long before this country and it exists today.

As is anyone who questions her methodology or foregone conclusions.Which is, ironically, an exceedingly racist perspectiveThe claim is also objective; internal contradictions by the bucket.^ This.

All things are knowable and there’s no limit to things the brain can comprehend. According to a recent study, the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program, now being made universally available, increased college enrollment rates by about six percentage points for students who participated, even minimally.According to an EdChoice report, “2019 Schooling in America,” an all-time high 15 percentRegardless, 82 percent are enrolled in traditional government schools while another 5 percent attend charter schools. I agree that it is, by definition, propaganda. He probably did a year or so at some low-level college in some tiny town that looked like an enormous metropolis to his eyes.He fell in love with the idea of being ‘city folk’, with being a cosmopolitan denizen of a great city.And he blames the people back home for that. Kids will learn what they need to pass tests and forget it afterwards.

Did you look at my handle?You never know – hard to pick up tone in print.

And some day you need to explain what you find so attractive about being ignorant. We also use them to measure ad campaign effectiveness, target ads and analyze site traffic. You can always change your tracker preferences by visiting our Cookie Policy. The Japanese are fairly racist to everyone else though EXCEPT the USA.

One can, however, choose to recognize it and overcome it. This sentence is something I think only Robbie could write.

People may be brainwashed into thinking something will have to be done someday, but not now, and not in 12 years. Economic forces starved millions to death and tore the Soviet Union apart–regardless of what they taught their children.I said this above but it’s more relevant here; similarly, we don’t and can’t rid ourselves of biases, unconscious prejudices, and racism.

America was not yet America, but this was the moment it began.

Both of which may be true, but not for one specific brain and certainly not for a brain that exists today and possibly not even the way we conceptualize it.Like a computer who knows why it was created and can know it’s creator or have a reasonable conceptualization of him, it’s fully capable of acting conscious and claiming a human soul but will never really be human; similarly, we can envision ourselves and act like we understand and can control the globe, even on a moral plane, but we’re, at best, pretending.They’re intentionally mis-educating children because they believe it will result in political outcomes they prefer.

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