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Bronx-born and raised Chazz Palminteri was a natural choice to continue the Italianate torch in film. And I said, “Wow! He once again brings his personal, heartfelt, one-man show about family, honor, love, fear and tough choices to Easton’s State Theatre at 7:30 p.m. April 12. They (Hollywood) offered me tons of money, a million dollars, and I refused because I wanted to play Sonny. I get to at least 10 games a year.

17 wins & 5 nominations. Chazz received the 1996 Leadership in Entertainment Award from the Coalition of Italo-American Association, Inc. and was honored by President Clinton with a Special Achievement Award for the Performing Arts from the National Italian American Foundation in Washington, D.C. Chazz currently resides in Weschester County, NY with his lovely wife, Gianna and … They recognized it, you know? It was kind of strange really, to be honest with you. Chazz is a member of the Actors Studio in NYC. Your body of work.

THMAX (553) I played all 18 characters on stage myself, and my career just exploded. They got to enjoy my career and success. I always like to leave knowing that I’m excited to write some more.

It teaches right from wrong. The acclaimed, Academy Award nominated actor from The Bronx brings his personal, heartfelt, one man show about family, honor, love, fear and tough choices back to Easton’s State Theatre at … Of course not. STZE (627) I’ve had parents say, “My kid’s on drugs … he didn’t want to go to school … and I took him to see your movie and something happened, and he got it.” And I hear that constantly, so that’s, you know?
on It doesn’t matter. Thu, Sep 10 And I rewrite movies. I gotta be honest. I wanted to do something that was truly unique and spectacular. Want a chance to join Chazz Palminteri for dinner? Check out and search Chazz Palminteri for the next scheduled class. Prodigal son returns: Sopranos actor Lillo Brancato leaves his family home on January 1 after being released from prison having served more than eight years in connection with a botched robbery in which police officer Daniel Enchautegui was shot deadWasted talent: Palminteri says Brancato wasted his talent and refused to listen to advice from him and Robert DeNiroHappier times: (left to right) Chazz Palminteri, Robert DeNiro and a very young Lillo Brancato in 1995 at the premiere of their film A Bronx TaleReunion: The fallen star greeting family members at the Brancato family home in Yonkers on New Years EveFormer castmates: (left to right) Chazz Palminteri, Lillo Broncato, Francis Capra being held by his mother, Robert DeNiro, and Taral Hicks all stared in A Bronx TaleRelease: Lillo Brancato will be freed from prison tomorrow after serving four years of a ten-year sentence for a burglary which resulted in the death of a NYPD officerCrime Scene: Police investigate the crime scene in the Bronx, N.Y., Saturday, Dec. 10, 2005, where off-duty NYPD officer, Daniel Enchautegui, 28, was shot in the chest before dawnOutraged: Yolanda Rosa, the sister of slain New York Police Officer Daniel Enchautegui, (right) has spoken out on the early release of Lillo Brancato the Sopranos actor who was involved in the tragic death of her brother Freedom: Brancato is living with his parents at the family home in Yonkers as part of his bail conditionsAnnouncement: Lillo Brancato took to Twitter from prison to announce that he was being released from jail on December 31Grief: Police Officer Daniel Enchautegui's father Pedro Enchautegui (3rd L) is consoled by a police officer as others prepare to carry his casket out of St. John's Chrysostom Church after his funeral mass in New York December 14, 2005Promising: Lillo Brancato with Robert De Niro as they film Bronx Tale in 1993HBO hit : Lillo Brancato appears in the seminal mob drama The Sopranos in the early years of the 2000sWarm welcome: Not everyone is as pleased as Lillo Brancato's family that he has been released from prison early, including Rosa Enchautegui, sister of the officer shot dead during the 2005 robberyMedia attention: Brancato says he is a reformed drug addict and alcoholic, and has been attending AA meetings in his hometown of Yonkers, New York As of 2018, has never appeared in a film nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. And then I got noticed. I just saw this guy kill a guy, and my father dragged me upstairs, we talked about it, I didn't rat on the guy, and that was it.

Check out the lineup of new movies and shows streaming on Netflix this month, including Looking for something to watch? In the tradition set forth in the 1970s by such icons as director
It really doesn’t.

I really wasn't. So I write and then I stop. Chazz Palminteri, 66, was born Calogero Lorenzo, and grew up on 187th Street in the working class Bronx. Drove a bus, talked like him. Chazz will teach students how to own the room, make bold choices, and leave a lasting impression for Casting Directors. Is a frequent caller to WFAN sports radio in New York. Calogero Lorenzo Palminteri was born on the 15th May 1952, in The Bronx, New York City USA, and is an actor, producer, and screenwriter, probably best known for his roles in such films as “A Bronx Tale” (1993), “Bullets Over Broadway” (1994), and “The Usual Suspects” (1995). I was in my 30s. There are many people who win the Academy Award and they’re never heard from again. Bronx-born and raised Chazz Palminteri was a natural choice to continue the Italianate torch in film.

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