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Steph has her Twitch Council member brags about abusing their power in the future.

Steph, by a wide margin, isn’t being attacked because she’s trans, though I will concede that there is some transphobic abuse, but she is largely being criticized because she is a bigot who openly tells white-SOUNDING men that their voices don’t matter.

Maybe more should take a stand, too.The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.© Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “TV-Novosti”, 2005–2020. Outside of her work on RT, she is a primary writer for Colin Moriarty's Side Quest content, and she manages her own YouTube channel. We strive to provide a wonderful user experience while maintaining a reliable service. Follow her on Twitter is a writer and journalist from the US. 23:59 GMT, Sep 07, 2020 In multiple videos making the rounds, she discusses prancing outside, eating grass, and she can be seen practically orgasming as her partner gives her ‘scritches.’ Watch: President Trump Roasts Democrats For Discouraging COVID Vaccine Before Election People at the company have to know she’s not all there in the head and that the internet would react. Some of whom aren’t even streamers but ‘experts’ on bullying. School Calls Cops on Boy Over Toy Gun in His Bedroom The problem with Twitch, the ADL, and countless other companies and organizations is that ‘hate’ these days is applied to anything and everything. A move which the cynic in me sees as beneficial to organizations that seek change. It really is going to cause something like a Gamer Gate. Browse all other Just Chatting channels. She’s being criticized en masse, which the game industry clique is already beginning to label as a hate campaign aimed at a trans woman, and all of this could feasibly give Twitch “justification” further down the line to clamp down on speech.Turns out the Twitch Ambassador who wants to ban voice chat eats grass because they think they're a deer. Sophia Narwitz In this clip, Loehr mewls like a deer while having a “deergasm” as his boyfriend massages his head. This isn’t something that just happened out of the blue. In the clip, Loehr states, “I have power, they can’t take it away from me and honestly there are some people that should be afraid of me and that they are because I represent moderation and diversity and I’m gonna come for people if you’re a really shitty person – I’m gonna stand up against you period and Twitch is endorsing me to do that.”“This is pretty much like all the authoritarians who want to control your speech, thoughts and administer punishments to you if you disagree with them,” remarked YouTuber Count Dankula. If I was on Twitch, I’d delete my account. Nothing to see here folks.A connection between the ADL and Twitch would explain why a relatively unknown streamer who is as… unique as this individual is, was able to snag a spot on a small committee of just eight people. Catch up on the latest and greatest Deer Hunter clips on Twitch. Eyewitness Told Security Guard Mohammad Agha About Manchester Suicide Bomber But Was “Fobbed Off”

This is a member of the Twitch Trust and Safety Council having a DEERGASM on stream: Crazy identifiers aside, it’s her personal views that have the internet in a frenzy after Twitch put her on its newly formed ‘Twitch staff has completely lost it>Remove voice chat from the highest level for giving unfair advantage, VOICE CHAT IS UNFAIR Dazzled by the sheer surrealism of this coming from a TRANS-DEER, one risks overlooking the more serious fact that this is also coming from someone with ties to the Anti-Defamation League, which over the last short while has been trying to Currently there’s no clear evidence the ADL played a part in creating Twitch’s new council, though I wouldn’t be surprised if behind the scenes they’re providing a guiding hand. What are her qualifications?

Watch FerociouslySteph's clip titled "Deer" FerociouslySteph. Sign up or login to join the community and follow your favorite Deer Hunter streamers! World Bank Records COVID-19 Test Kits Exported In 2017, 2018 Labor Day 2020: The End of Labor, The Beginning of Technocratic Slavery It also says a lot about what type of community Twitch is trying to curate. In an act of progressive seppuku, one of the world’s largest streaming platforms gave a position of power to a girl who thinks she’s a woodland creature, and the internet is having none of it.

Oh wait, I did that before writing this. Miami-Dade Labor Day Beachgoers, Businesses Could Face Fines for Mask Violations: ‘Mask Up or Pay Up’

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“The promotion actually goes back almost two years. Follow her on Twitter Twitch streamer FerociouslySteph is a male-to-female trans woman who self-identifies as a deer. Deer. In multiple videos making the rounds, she discusses prancing outside, eating grass, and she can be seen practically orgasming as her partner gives her ‘scritches.’ Adding a fun twist to this juicy cocktail of internet absurdity is that, if her makeshift antlers are any indication, she identifies as a male deer. Even though she too sounds like a dorky white boy.

But connection or no connection, her placement stands out as something probably fueled by nepotism. On a small committee of eight, having just one person who is so openly resentful of male gamers is a sign that, in its pursuit of pleasing the progressive crowd, they will bend the knee to the worst among them.

Outside of her work on RT, she is a primary writer for Colin Moriarty's Side Quest content, and she manages her own YouTube channel. Lockdown Advocate Who Predicted 10 Million Dead in U.S. From Coronavirus Raises $80 Million in Fundraising For Online Learning Course

The ADL has been working overtime to get its hooks into gaming. I really believe this!”Twitch really need to put a end to this! Last I checked, eating grass isn’t good on a resume.If I were a tinfoil-hat wearer, I’d believe that Steph was sent out to the slaughter as a form of martyrdom. ... highlighted how Loehr is now bragging about having the power to censor critics who made fun of him for identifying as a deer, commenting, “Twitch really need to put a end to this! Clipr was built for gamers, by a gamer. Subscribe to RT newsletter to get stories the mainstream media won’t tell you

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