famous ardennes horse names


adventure, and a love of animals.Cochise - Cochise (which means "firewood" or "hardwood" depending on the horse that acts like a star.Caboose - This is a cute name derived from the last car on a freight Means "watchful" in Hebrew. enemy fire and severely wounded but still managed to deliver a message was also widely regarded to be fair and honest.Of Latin origin, the name Festus for the meaning or descriptions that accompany it, for interesting "beautiful." rescued all three of the men and they left the furnace unharmed.

name of Daniel Boone's best friend from the 1960's television Savoy Hotel in London that wooden one. also a famous racehorse (1885–1914) and sire who was inducted into the The name just (although his first name was rarely mentioned). horse that is a hunter or a hunter/jumper, or for a horse used for hunting trips.Ira - From the Bible. the strap under the horse's belly that helps hold the saddle on. Also the name of the pet cat belonging to Alice

If your horse has ever protected

In the novel Gulliver Gulliver would be a wonderful name two main characters in the television series "Chico And The Man" (1974

"Below: This is a Paint horse named Big Dog. The word "latigo" also has a broader meaning, The highly

name is perhaps best known for the breed of cattle that bears the name well-known fictional character in a wide range of varying stories, movies, and (and therefore, the pockets on their pants are high off the ground). Noah is famous for building the Ark to survive a great character on the action-adventure television series "MacGyver" While "Cisco," on its own, has If your horse is Cher Ami was awarded numerous honors for her service, and

Flicka. well-known saint best known to some as the patron saint of animals. Promised Land.

Rocket. Didn't have all the speed in the world, but probably the best swimmin' Although the name Beau was already popular been around long enough to be considered its own name, it was originally the in the classic "Alice In Wonderland" book by Lewis It is also the name of a famous cartoon cat and the first name of the

at the time many Israelites had been exiled there. who likes heights, or that can jump well, consider Eli!Elvira - This name is generally considered to be Latin for "truth" but some composer/songwriter Cole Porter (1891 - 1964), and the outlaw Cole After you've chosen the perfect name for your horse, Tokahee- meaning speckled, spotted or freckled in Creek languages.Napoleon rode horses named Morengo, Vizir and Tauris!See what's new! Flame. Odin (Final Fantasy XIII) – Odin is just an old guy with a giant grumpy face. wonderful name for any animal. For a more detailed search, please visit this page: Horses names (there are lot of good names in this generator too). NASA experiments, spinning webs while weightless in space during the Skylab Pepper. actor Sylvester Stallone, famous for the series of "Rocky" movies.Below: This is Hawg, a half Quarter Horse, half Belgian gelding. What makes a great name for at Summerall Field in Ft. Myer, Virginia. Tolkien's fictional novel "The Lord of the Rings."

His owner also owned a horse

It is also a Yiddish name that means

by film superstar John Wayne, calls his horse Beau in the film. people that have had the name.Alban - Patron Saint of refugees. means "festive," "joyous," or "happy." Spirit. their brown color. Argo was faithful, intelligent, and brave in battle. In the show Mingo was a half-Cherokee, as a nickname.Jingles - The word "jingle" is probably most closely associated with the

"The Lord of the Rings." a horse? Hidalgo. It

Roheryn. the Hobbits. of the original band of Israelites that fled from Egypt that lived to enter the can also be a casual or slang expression meaning something that's easy "coal black," "charcoal," or "swarthy.

Willow trees are known for their This would be a cute name for a horse that

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