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Hajra was quite content with her decision because she was convinced that Rehan Chaudhry did not need to go to the prison but he needed the right guidance from his mother in order to ‘mend his ways’. Everyone did a commendable job. This was definitely one of the nice aspects of this ending.Throughout, the court’s proceedings were covered in detail and every single scenario was convincing. Yumna Zaidi and Rehan Sheikh outdid everyone else, although their track didn’t have the ending most of us wanted to see but they stayed true to their characters right till the end. Oye Yeah does not work on rumors! She states how she was being threatened for her life as well.Well who provides the lawyer with the original CCTV is none other than Shayan’s father and it brings an interesting turn in the play as he not just helps Hajra out in this case but now he whole heartily accepts Hajra as his daughter in law. A mother can only do so much, such people need professional help apart from getting punishment for their crime.Totally agreed. He was still laughing and he has a punishment of death penalty. I am doing very well, thank you. I also enjoyed watching Shayan’s growth as an individual. Watching Inkaar and reviewing it was always worthwhile but this last episode was a big disappointment. We are Islamic state but our laws and punishment aren’t Islamic. Khush raheiHam 6 saalo se apkai reviews follow kartai hain ..bus hamari pehli jang e azeem “kankar ” kai doraan huwi thi aap bht ghussa karti thi ..But apki tabiyat mai bht tehraao aa gaya hai ..apki last reply dhaik kar mujhai bht bht bht acha laga ..thanks alot ..Hahaha really, mazay ki baat hei yeh tu. Jahan tuk mjhe yaad hei hamare dramu mei mardu ko maaf krna ek aam si baat hei beshak wo ek rapist ho (sangat) ya phr ek shohar jis ne sari zindagi bewafai ki hu.There was nothing new about this ending at all. Being a critic responsibility lies on my shoulders to point out the flaws and shortcomings of the play be it on writer's , performers or director's end . His father should have been banned from politics owing to his misconduct and making fun of the whole system.Maafi itni bhi aasan nai honi chahiye ke pehle mazaq bane phir misuse ho.Inkaar, powerful drama with a perfect message for new young generation who get carried away once they are exposed to elite class n no matter how balanced the girl/ boy is at times tend to forget the trust instilled in them by their parents . Thanks a ton for liking the reviews and for your feedback, I always look forward to your comments.Your comment is a good example of “Khaata Hai To Lagaata Bhi To Hai”, according to your damn logic, Hajra should forgive him so that he doesnt kill him once he is back.Yes they are a joke for people like Rehan and Shahrukh jatoiSpot on review Fatima as always. Last episode was much awaited , it started well , court scenes m the expressions of both the parties were good enough hence no dialogues , to display wt they wanted to say. We really did not understand Zafar Mairaj, the writer’s, motive behind the ending, but it did leave us a bit unsatisfied. Indeed it was one of the best drama i have ever seen but i am very disappointed with the writer Zafar Maraj i mean how you can forgive someone who has given sleepless nights to a family, who have spoiled their life, who has dont everything to make their life miserable and also why Rehan mother didn’t call his son when he was kidnapping Hajra brother OMG this forgive drama doesn’t make any sense but apart from that this drama is perfect.WAA @ Amir. What an amazing father he was.

Sami Khan was a rock throughout the play delivering solid performance and highlighting Shayan where it was needed. We have all sourced news because we believe in bringing our readers the best. Haven’t you looked at Shahrukh jatoi when CJ of Pakistan visited his cell? I am glad you liked the ending.Fatima the reason that u find it hard that Rehaan is freed from jail is because we were not expecting his mother to say that because right from the start she didn’t take Rehaan’s side so we expected her to except whatever jail sentence that was agreedAlso because the writer took inspiration from Khadija’s case which ended in a completely different manner in real life.

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