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These individuals have to rely on a diet of birds, bird eggs, small rodents, reptiles, and fish if they are still fast enough to catch them.In addition to being very efficient hunters of a wide range of types of game, lions are also opportunistic feeders. This is especially marked in Tanzania where it is estimated that over 560 people were killed between 1990 and 2004. Perhaps the most well known case in Africa was one that occurred in Kenya in 1898 over a nine month period when two lions killed 28 workers who were working on the construction of a bridge over the Tsavo River for the railway line. Eating a cub from another territory is a way to stake the claim on the territory and the females, or at the very least helping reduce the numbers that may become a large, rival pride of lions.Lions can, and do in fact hunt alone, but hunting with their group (called a pride) hunting becomes far easier. And while lions primarily prey on large herbivores such as zebra, wildebeest and buffalo, they have been known to prey on smaller animals as well. In fact, lions in the wild, especially during autumn and winter get more than half of their food through scavenging.And with scavenging, lions will happily look to steal food from other animals and even eat the leftovers they find.This means that when some animals kill an animal for themselves, a lion often scares these animals away from the prey, so the lions can eat it themselves. These big cats will only take this risk if they are really starving and can work in a large group. This mostly happens with extremely weak, sick and old lions – as they’re easy to kill for other animals, an example of this would be a pack of Hyenas. Male lions need about 7 kilograms or 15 pounds of meat a day. So, in addition to smaller animals such as warthogs, small buck or antelopes such as springbok and duiker, and young animals, groups of lionesses co-operate to bring down and kill larger antelope such as kudu and eland, zebras, and wildebeest. The amount of meat a lion needs to eat is determined by whether it is a male or a female. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies.What Do Lions Eat? Even if they’re already feeding on a hunted prey and another animal should get too close.Lions would still find the time and energy to take it down as well. Male lions only kill cubs that are not closely related to them; such as say the offspring of their brother or cousin. But in real terms, lions do not have the ability to digest any vegetation.This is because the digestive system of lions is created in a way to digest only meat and flesh. But the species has disappeared from 94 percent of its historic range and can only be found today in parts of sub-Saharan Africa.

But as a strategy, lions prefer to live near waterways like rivers, streams, and waterholes.This is not necessarily because they’re thirsty, but mainly to hunt down animals that will come to these locations to drink water – which makes sense.Lions will commonly, and patiently wait on the fringes of water holes, for animals to come and they’ll closely watch the moves of every animal to plan the best way to hunt.

A second theory is that man’s presence depletes the lion’s natural prey so they need to find alternative food sources.Other human victims have been individuals suddenly brought into contact with lion as a result of shifting borders or trying to cross them.

This of course brings them into contact and conflict with human beings.The question of what lions eat must inevitably include the so-called man-eaters. So, hunting as a group within a pride makes lions hunting easier.Smaller animals are hunted usually by tripping their legs, ankles, and feet from under them while they try to escape, which makes the animal stumble and slow up, making it easy to catch them.For larger animals, lions often jump on the back of the animal, trying to bring them down to attack.However, even if the hunt is performed as a group, it’s the male lions who get the chance to feed first, then followed by the lioness and the cubs and older ones as before. In this situation they have even been known to attempt to kill prey as substantial and heavy as a rhinoceros, elephant, and even a hippopotamus. and they have a very diverse diet, especially in the wild.

It is believed that the African Lion has the most varied diet of all the big cats thanks to three significant factors:Lions, or more accurately lionesses, hunt in groups which means that they can bring down much larger animals than individual or lone hunters can.

In the same way we might ask why oranges are orange, and apples are green and red, it’s common for us to ask - why is wood brown? When looking at how often lions eat, lions need to eat at least one sizeable meal pretty much every day.

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