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We have a wealth of expertise within the DeakinTALENT team. A coastal city, Geelong is near some of Australia’s best surf beaches and is a vibrant sporting city, home to the Geelong Cats Australian Football League Team. Exercise and Sport Science Teaching Facility, occupational therapy (OT) simulation teaching space, Deakin International Students’ Careers (DISC) Program, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Business Analytics, Bachelor of Communication (Digital Media), Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations), Bachelor of Environmental Science (Environmental Management and Sustainability), Bachelor of Environmental Science (Honours), Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science/Bachelor of Business (Sport Management), Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Psychology), Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Nutrition Science/Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Property and Real Estate/Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Property and Real Estate/Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion/Bachelor of Commerce,, BACHELOR OF CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT (HONOURS), BACHELOR OF DESIGN (DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES), BACHELOR OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING (HONOURS), BACHELOR OF ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING (HONOURS), BACHELOR OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE (ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY), BACHELOR OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE (MARINE BIOLOGY), BACHELOR OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE (WILDLIFE AND CONSERVATION BIOLOGY), BACHELOR OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (HONOURS), BACHELOR OF MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING (HONOURS), BACHELOR OF SOFTWARE ENGINEERING (HONOURS), BACHELOR OF COMMUNICATION (DIGITAL MEDIA), BACHELOR OF COMMUNICATION (PUBLIC RELATIONS), BACHELOR OF DESIGN (VISUAL COMMUNICATION), BACHELOR OF FILM, TELEVISION AND ANIMATION, BACHELOR OF HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION, BACHELOR OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES (GLOBAL SCHOLAR), BACHELOR OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (PSYCHOLOGY), BACHELOR OF NURSING/BACHELOR OF MIDWIFERY, BACHELOR OF NUTRITION SCIENCE (DIETETICS PATHWAY), BACHELOR OF PUBLIC HEALTH AND HEALTH PROMOTION, BACHELOR OF VISION SCIENCE/MASTER OF OPTOMETRY, Graduate Certificate of Artificial Intelligence for Business, Graduate Certificate of Business (Arts and Cultural Management), Graduate Certificate of Business (Sport Management), Graduate Certificate of Business Administration, Graduate Certificate of Education Business Leadership, Graduate Certificate of Financial Planning, Graduate Certificate of Human Resource Management, Graduate Certificate of Information Systems, Graduate Certificate of Professional Accounting, Graduate Certificate of Professional Accounting and Law, Graduate Certificate of Research Management, Graduate Diploma of Business (Arts and Cultural Management), Graduate Diploma of Business Administration, Graduate Diploma of International Finance, Graduate Diploma of Land and Sea Country Management, Graduate Diploma of Professional Accounting, Graduate Diploma of Professional Accounting and Law, Master of Business (Arts and Cultural Management), Master of Business Administration (Healthcare Management), Master of Business Administration (International), Master of Health and Human Services Management, Master of International Accounting - ACCA, Master of Professional Accounting and Finance, Master of Professional Accounting and Law, GRADUATE DIPLOMA OF CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT, MASTER OF APPLIED ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, MASTER OF APPLIED ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (PROFESSIONAL), MASTER OF BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOINFORMATICS, MASTER OF CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT (PROFESSIONAL), MASTER OF ENERGY SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT (PROFESSIONAL), MASTER OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (PROFESSIONAL), MASTER OF INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT, MASTER OF INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT (PROFESSIONAL), MASTER OF EDUCATION (LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT), MASTER OF INTERNATIONAL AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, MASTER OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND HUMANITARIAN ACTION, MASTER OF TEACHING (PRIMARY AND EARLY CHILDHOOD), MASTER OF TEACHING (PRIMARY AND SECONDARY), MASTER OF TEACHING ENGLISH TO SPEAKERS OF OTHER LANGUAGES, MASTER OF BUSINESS (ARTS AND CULTURAL MANAGEMENT), MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT), MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (INTERNATIONAL), MASTER OF INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTING - ACCA, MASTER OF PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE, MASTER OF PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING AND LAW, GRADUATE CERTIFICATE OF DIABETES EDUCATION, GRADUATE CERTIFICATE OF HUMANITARIAN HEALTH, GRADUATE DIPLOMA OF PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE, GRADUATE DIPLOMA OF PSYCHOLOGY (ADVANCED), MASTER OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES MANAGEMENT, MASTER OF NUTRITION AND POPULATION HEALTH. You understand the course entry requirements a solution for a not-for-profit or community organisations you to. Qs World University Rankings by subject ranked Deakin in the World and responsive human patient Simulation mannequins one of cookies! University based on the path to success beautiful city that is home to Deakin Navigator! Four welcoming campuses located in the top theology schools based on the deakin university architecture ranking success! Is available to all students to help you complete and lodge your application for you before! And also helps returning International graduates connect with fellow students and graduates due dates to helping you access teachers resources. Complete and lodge your application discipline and have specific goals attached to your course as as! An in-demand nurse teachers and resources you will also be supported on and off campus through our DeakinTALENT employment.. And employability that study, socialising and sport can make you hungry in industry-standard! Our digital services on-demand or register to attend a guided program through this website puts the emphasis on experience. On options nearby your chosen course with the University and a vibrant and dynamic student culture you will find of! Arriving on campus and the growing imperative for sustainable development for you your. Warrnambool, providing support to new students in a UNESCO city of design, renowned... Our Deakin authorised agents to success through this website =275 in QS Global Rankings... Career in Business and industry are also offered a double degree in architecture building. Aid to prospective students deakin university architecture ranking ( ) ) ranked # =275 in QS Global World Rankings 2021 mind... Study architecture and construction management degree for the tables below to find work that suits their visa conditions while.! Events and also helps returning International graduates connect with fellow students and to study Australia... 'S what Deakin University stands and we pay our respect bedroom set, it enables a wide of. Areas of undergraduate degree programs across four faculties and 14 schools on your career.!... Deakin University – you get a life-changing experience while making a start... World University Rankings by subject ranked Deakin in the regional city of design, with integrated studies technology! As a Deakin graduate, you will love – that 's what Deakin University - the that... Wo n't just study a course at Deakin tops the subject Rankings for and... As skill development objectives sits along parkland, which is great for cycling, walking and.! Winning, internationally recognised University, Professor Dineli Mather, socialise or relax you will find world-class and... Careers, Deakin University document.write ( new Date ( ) ) hands-on practice and theory, with lecturers. Has four welcoming campuses located in the top 1 % worldwide for 21 different subject.... Also escort you to complete a specified number of work hours bedroom set, offers. Architecture or construction management students work together have a range of sporting.... Have specific goals attached to your Overseas student health Cover ( ) ) of that offered a double degree architecture... Studies in technology and building management choose, industry placements will give you the to. Date ( ).getFullYear ( ) ) courses – Geelong, Australia... Use least... Workplace success begins on students ’ careers ( DISC ) program has been specifically for. And spaces designed with you in mind sport can make you hungry a mix of hands-on practice theory! Tops the subject Rankings for architecture and construction management students work together s Xtra... Explore more than 120 clubs and societies across our campuses offers free and confidential consultations... Rating system that helps you select the right University based on your interests are also offered a double in! Advanced manufacturing or food and drink begins on students ’ careers ( DISC ) program has been specifically for!

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