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Child brides, molestation, arranged marriages…and really just an overwhelming amount of creepiness. I’ve also read some critic reviews and they are usually positive except for some religous websites.I so read the piece! Who are we to disapprove of how they want to live their lives?There are certainly bad examples of a polygamist family wherein wives and children are oppressed or sexually abused.

2018 TV-14 1 Season British TV Shows. I think that Meri, first wife, was even the one who recommended taking in a fourth wife to her husband when they felt a “connection” with a woman named Robyn. Anyway, I decided to pick ANY show on Netflix to simply pass time and I found this reality show about a polygamous family in the US called Sister Wives. Documentaries about polygamy are some of the most fascinating documentaries available. ... the daughter of Rockland Ranch's founder expresses ambivalence about polygamy.

Learn more or change your cookie preferences. Kody, the husband, doesn’t just waltz in and say: “Here’s a new wife! Not to mention the uphill battle that those who escape are forced to face.While documentaries about polygamous abuses tend to dominate this group of films, there are also some newly emerging ones that showcase a new face of polygamy: the modern-day polygamists that aim to avoid the clear horrors that exist in the most notorious polygamous cults. My name is Benny Bedlam and when I'm not writing for Unreality Magazine, I write for my own blog called Commander Bedlam. The children also have the freedom to pursue whatever religion and lifestyle they want when they grow older.It’s funny how the show seemed to anticipate every question and criticism I had about polygamy. Deal with it.” In fact, the wives play a role in picking who the next wife will be. Often, they showcase just how devastating polygamy can be – underage marriages, child abuse and molestation, and severe oppression.

Watching Sister Wives made me think hard and tell myself to stop judging people based on their religion or lifestyle because that doesn’t define the entirety of a person. Which, again in my opinion, it should be if consensual and respectful to all involved. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. ... the daughter of Rockland Ranch's founder expresses ambivalence about polygamy. 3. They mention how other women look down on them for having low self-esteem by being in a polygamous marriage. Netflix supports the Digital Advertising Alliance Principles. It's mostly about commentary on video games, interviews with people from the industry, and some tech related advice. As long as all parties involved are consenting adults, and no one is being hurt then whats the issue?I suppose the argument can be made that the “odd” family dynamics can impact the children but positive or negative, that remains to be determined.I think the problem is for every one “sister wives” situation there are 10 situations that harbor all the negatives. They have their imperfections like any other family.While you still might feel weird about the whole idea of polygamy, I urge you to check out TLC’s series Sister Wives and see it for yourselves.
However, I found it hard to hate him since he seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Similarly, I also enjoy watching some episodes of Breaking Amish from TLC for the same reasons. I also manage my software development team called Team Bedlam.There is a great episode of Boston Legal that deals with this issue and makes some very good points towards the positives of the situation-and that is without the religious parts of the debate.Interesting! This provocative reality series takes an inside look at polyamory: non-monogamous, committed relationships that involve more than two people.

Maybe it’s partly because of my Catholic upbringing and the fact I always see it portrayed as a cruel and misogynistic practice. Hubie's not a … The show is about the Brown family which comprises of the man Kody, his four wives, and his seventeen children. The executive producer of new Channel 4 documentary series Three Wives, One Husband tells us what it was like to film fundamentalist Mormons for a year ... Netflix . Where do I even begin?

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