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All Legendary Fish Locations. best. If Arthur looks hard enough, he may also find a rare Thoroughbred: the Seal Brown coat.Another horse that is great for racing or quickly traversing distances is the American Standardbred. To find the Blue and White Roans in the wild, look for them in the central Heartlands of Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic tale of life in America’s unforgiving heartland. These horses are also very easy to train.Robin Burks is an entertainment and science/technology writer, as well as a published author, avid con-goer and costumer/cosplayer.

These horses are pretty standard and can be found pretty much all over the Another common horse in the game are Kentucky Saddlers, which are also riding horses. They all have specific strengths and weaknesses, so choose wisely.Every horse has its own traits. This is probably one of the most elegant horses that Arthur can ride, but that still doesn't make it the best.Now it's on to the draft horses. The Belgian is the horse Arthur will want for his heavy lifting and hauling.Another breed of draft horse is the Shire.

If Arthur wants a horse for a more difficult task, the Appaloosa is a good choice. Its compact frame makes it extra sturdy, as well as extremely powerful.

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This happened again with a Blanket Appaloosa I found from the same gang later on. Don't like Ads?

Arthur can find Mustangs in the western portion of the Dutch Warmblood horses are among the sturdiest and hardiest of horses in the work horse category. 100% Upvoted.

Nokotas tend to have higher speed and acceleration, but lower health and stamina. They are available in the wild and come in two coats: Blond Chestnut and Mealy Chestnut. Each breed also has a particular way in which it reacts to Arthur, although that is also dependent on how Arthur chooses to treat the horse. They all fall in… Learn more at These horses are lean and agile, with great stamina and acceleration.

These horses also have a great personality, making them a good fit for Arthur.The Overo and Tobiano coats roam the wild ready to get caught by Arthur.

These slender horses are also very agile, meaning that they handle very well. However, they are not very fast and can't accelerate too well.These horses are also pretty common and can be found all over the Tennessee Walker horses are another type of riding horse in These horses are sturdy and healthy. They also handle well, making them ideal for combat.Although they're not fast, they're good for traveling long distances, too. However, they aren't very fast, and their health isn't that great.The good news is that these horses require very little care and are good for pulling carts and carriages. However, they don't have good acceleration, meaning they're not good for racing. Although these horses are slow, with low speed and acceleration stats, they have a fearless personality that makes them perfect for any kind of combat. Keep a horse well-fed and feeling loved, and that horse will become the most loyal companion in the game. They have a very laid-back nature, making them perfect for riding for short distances.

They have excellent health and stamina, but like other war horses, they tend to have low speed and acceleration. They also handle well enough to tackle long distances.

Thoroughbred horses are lean, mean racing machines. If Arthur needs a horse with a lot of strength and endurance, the Suffolk Punch is the right one for that job.The next step up from a draft horse is the War Horse. 11 Thoroughbred.

They are well worth it, though, thanks to their multi-class status.The Arabian breed is the horse for players who want the absolute best horse in Arabian generally kept by the wealthiest people in the game and can cost over $1,000 each. A one-stop shop for all things video games.

They come in two coats: Dark Bay and Rose Gray, both which are available for purchase at stables. Robin is also the author of a series of speculative fiction novels: Zeus, Inc.; The Curse of Hekate; and Return of The Titans. Sort by. The Strawberry Roan is the healthiest of the two, but also the most costly. Although they cannot accelerate very well, they have amazing stamina with average speed and health. Arthur can find the Blue Roan and White Roan in the wild, but he must purchase Reverse Dapple Roan from a stable.These are sure-footed horses, making them excellent for traversing distances. This breed provides a smooth and comfortable riding experience, too.Another horse that's good for both racing and working is the Turkoman breed.

These are the breeds that are probably the sturdiest horses in the game; those horses that the player should want for pulling carts, carriages, wagons, and coaches. Bonus: Arabian Breed.

VIP Members don't see Ads. These horses have excellent health, stamina, and speed, meaning that they can handle long distances efficiently, as well as some work, such as pulling carriages.

All Dreamcatchers Locations (Secret Reward). They are also agile, making them easy to handle. The website takes a lot of work and time, so that’s why we have to rely on ads. The Nokota is a particular breed of horse in Red Dead Redemption 2. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers Take the Appaloosa, for example: a horse breed that is perfect for just about any kind of work needed at a ranch. level 1.

Nokota Horse is a Horse Breed in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2).Horses are special creatures used as transport with different performance based on breed, and … The Nokota is a horse breed in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online. These creatures have excellent stamina, with average speed and health.

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