superman: doomsday online


Doomsday is a rampaging, seemingly mindless, murdering monster who killed Superman.

It seemed to be absorbing their life forces, growing larger as it did so. Reparto: James Marsters, Adam …



Der Trickfim richtet sich ganz bewusst nicht nur an ein jugendliches Publikum und enthält sogar einige verstörend-brutale Momente.

Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale Buch Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale He then started rampaging across the countryside, slowly making his way towards Superman then had to fight the monster himself. The next time Superman engaged Doomsday, he was committed to killing it despite his aversion to killing.

(Doomsday began emerging from the Phantom Zone on Earth, where he was first encountered by When at last the creature emerged again, it appeared on the polar ice cap, where it smashed the ice and dove into the water.

Superman stellt sich dem ebenbürtigen oder sogar überlegenen Doomsday und schafft es schließlich auch ihn zu stoppen. Jim Lee


In the animated universe, Doomsday was a clone, made on Earth; he battled Superman, but never successfully killed him.

Also, there had been a killer on the loose in Metropolis, who was causing damage.

Dan Jurgens

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